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1 Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Nelson) Lecture 1
2 Overview of Microbiology (Dick) Lecture 2
3 The Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Disease (Bishai) Lecture 3
4 Modeling of Infectious Disease (Aron) Lecture 4
5 Case-Control Studies (Nelson) Lecture 5
6 Vaccines - Impact, Questions, and Challenges (Halsey) Lecture 6
7 Measles (Moss) Lecture 7
8 Disease Eradication (Nelson) Lecture 8

Beyond Osler: The Past, Present, and Future of Infection Control (Perl)

This lecture is not currently available

Lecture 9
10 Nutrition and Infection in the Developing World (West) Lecture 10
11 Epidemiology of Diarrheal Diseases (Black) Lecture 11
12 TB Epidemiology (Chaisson) Lecture 12
13 Influenza: Virus and Disease, Epidemics and Pandemics (Steinhoff) Lecture 13
14 CNS Viral Infections (Johnson) Lecture 14
15 Lyme Disease and Its Epidemiology (Griffin) Lecture 15
16 Meningococcal Disease: Global Problem, Local Solutions (Steinhoff) Lecture 16
17 Epidemiology and Control of Malaria (Morrow) Lecture 17
18 STD Epidemiology (Zenilman) Lecture 18
19 The Epidemiology of Hepatitis B and A Infections (Nelson) Lecture 19
20 Hepatitis C and E (Nelson) Lecture 20