This is a list of readings to accompany educational content form JHSPH. This is only a list; due to copyright restrictions, users must individually locate any materials they wish to use. If you wish to locate any of the readings, you may find PubMed helpful.



Gordis, L. (2004). Epidemiology. Third edition. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders. (The second edition is also acceptable.)

Pagano, M. and Gauvreau, K. (2000). Principles of Biostatistics. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Module Number 5: Epidemiologic Study Designs
12 Randomized Clinical Trials

Pagano and Gauvreau: Chapter 1 (pages 1-5)

Gordis: Chapter 1

13 Cohort Studies Gordis: Chapter 2
14 Case-Control Studies

Pagano & Gauvreau: Chapter 2 (pages 7-22) & Chapter 3 (pages 38-45)

15 Cross-Sectional Studies

Pagano & Gauvreau: Chapter 3 (pages 38-48)

Module 6: Estimating Risk and Interpretation of Data from Epidemiologic Studies
16 Measures of Association

Pagano & Gauvreau: Chapter 4 (pages 66-70)

17 Use of the Chi-Square Statistic

Gordis: Chapters 3 & 4

18 Bias and Confounding

Pagano & Gauvreau: Chapter 4 (pages 70-89)

Gordis: Chapter 4 (pages 60-65)

19 Causal Association Content 3
20 Interaction Content 3
Module 7: Applying Epidemiology to Evaluation and Roles of Genetics, Public Policy and Epidemiology
21 Applying Epidemiologic Methods to the Evaluation of Health Services

Gordis: Chapter 6 (pages 95-112)

Pagano & Gauvreau: Chapter 21 (pages 488-510)

22 The Epidemiologic Approach to the Evaluation of Screening Programs Gordis: Chapter 6
23 Assessing the Roles of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Disease Causation
24 Legal, Ethical, and Policy Aspects of Epidemiologic Investigations