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Module 1: Roles of Quantitative Methods in Public Health

Biostatistics and Epidemiology within the Paradigm of Public Health (Diener-West)

Lecture 1

2 Epidemiologic Investigation (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 2

Submit a Case Study

3 Exploratory Data Analysis (Diener-West)

Lecture 3

4 Tables and Graphs (Diener-West)

Lecture 4


Module 2: Quantifying and Comparing Public Health Measures

5 Summary Measures [Ratio, Proportion, Rate] (Diener-West)

Lecture 5

6 Indices of Morbidity and Mortality (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 6

7 Direct and Indirect Methods of Adjustment (Diener-West)

Lecture 7


Module 3: Quantifying the Natural History of Disease

8 Life Tables (Diener-West)

Lecture 8

9 Measures of Prognosis (Diener-West, Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 9


Module 4: Probability Concepts and their Use in Evaluation of Diagnostic and Screening Tests

10 Probability Concepts (Diener-West)

Lecture 10

11 Evaluation of Diagnostic and Screening Tests: Validity and Reliability (Kanchanaraksa) Lecture 11