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Module 1: Disease Ecology
Ecological Principles of Disease Systems: Population Interactions and Dynamics Lecture
Measuring Disease Dynamics in Populations: Characterizing the Likelihood of Control Lecture
Disease Ecology Exercise
Module 2: Pathogens and Host Immunity
Pathogens: Nature and Transmission Lecture
Host Response to Infection: The Immune Response and Vaccination Lecture
Immunology Exercise
Module 3: Treatment and Genomics of Infectious Diseases
Treatment of Infectious Disease: Drugs and Drug Resistance Lecture
Genomics and Infectious Disease Lecture
  Midterm Exam
Module 4: Current Molecular Techniques and Cancer Genetics
Biotechnology and Genomics in Public Health Lecture
Cancer as a Genetic Disease Lecture
Module 5: Breast and Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer
Guest Lecturer: Nancy Davidson

Prostate Cancer
Guest Lecturer: Terry Brown

Molecular Biology of Cancer Exercise
Module 6: Current Topics in Public Health Biology

Guest Lecturer: Keith West

Controversial Topics in Reproduction: Assisted Reproduction and the "Slippery Slope" Lecture
Genetic and Environmental Factors Affecting Expression of Determinates of Susceptibility to Disease during Development Lecture
  Final Exam