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Lecture Notes

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Module 1: An Organizational Context for Training

> Lecture 1: An Organizational Context for Training (274 KB)

> Lecture 2: Approaches to Training and Learning (778 KB)

Module 2: Diagnosing Training Needs

> Lecture 3: Recruitment and Involvement of Trainees (551 KB)

> Lecture 4: Diagnosing Training Needs (1,223 KB)

Module 3: Planning for Training

> Lecture 5: Content and Objectives (530 KB)

> Lecture 6: Selecting Appropriate Training Methods (2,111 KB)

> Lecture 7: Material, Time, and Resources (1,168 KB)

> Lecture 8: Putting It All Together: The Training Guide (2,137 KB)

Module 4: Managing Training

> Lecture 9: Distance Education for International Training (1,518 KB)

Guest Lecturer: Karen Charron

> Lecture 10: The Learning Climate: Organization, Flow, and Dynamics (468 KB)

> Lecture 11: Monitoring Implementation (731 KB)

Module 5: Evaluating Training

> Lecture 12: Evaluating Training Programs (1,244 KB)

Module 6: Training Follow-Up

> Lecture 13: Follow-up: Measuring Performance (2,257 KB)

> Lecture 14: The Process Continues (1,167 KB)

> Lecture 15: Replication of Training Designs (687 KB)