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This schedule covers Modules 5-7 only. Modules 1-4 are available on the OCW page for Fundamentals of Epidemiology I.


Module 5: Epidemiologic Study Designs

12 Randomized Clinical Trials (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 12

13 Cohort Studies (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 13

14 Case-Control Studies (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 14

15 Cross-Sectional Studies (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 15


Module 6: Estimating Risk and Interpretation of Data from Epidemiologic Studies

16 Measures of Association (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 16

17 Use of the Chi-Square Statistic (Diener-West)

Lecture 17

18 Bias and Confounding (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 18

19 Causal Association (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 19

20 Interaction (Kanchanaraksa)

Lecture 20


Module 7: Applying Epidemiology to Evaluation and Roles of Genetics, Public Policy and Epidemiology

21 Epidemiologic Methods for Evaluating Health Services (Crum)

Lecture 21

22 Epidemiologic Methods fo Evaluating Screening Programs (Crum)

Lecture 22

23 Assessing the Roles of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Disease Causation (Coresh)

Lecture 23

24 Epidemiology and Policy (Ibrahim)

Lecture 24