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Lecture Notes

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> Session 1: Malariology Overview (1.66 MB)

David Sullivan

> Session 2: Malariology: Biology of the Parasite (333 KB)

Nirbhay Kumar

> Session 3: Malaria Epidemiology (813 KB)

Clive Shiff

> Session 4: Malaria Entomology (253 KB)

Douglas E. Norris

> Session 5: Insecticide Resistance and Mosquito Population Biology (278 KB)

Douglas E. Norris

> Session 6: Genomic Analyses of Anopheles-Plasmodium Interactions (2.98 MB)

George Dimopoulos

> Session 7: Genetic Approaches for Malaria Control (1.43 MB)

Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

> Session 8: Malaria Control (471 KB)

Clive Shiff

> Session 9: Behavior Change Interventions for Malaria Programs (1.09 MB)

Peter Winch

> Session 10: Immunity to Malaria (1.18 MB)

Fidel Zavala

> Session 11: Immunopathogenesis of Malaria

Chris Ockenhouse

> Session 12: Malaria Chemotherapy & Drug Resistance (898 KB)

David Sullivan

> Session 13: Drug Resistance and Population Genetics of Malaria

Christopher Plowe

> Session 14: Malaria: Targets for New Drugs (1.38 MB)

Sean Prigge

> Session 15: Diagnosis and Clinical Complications (1 MB)

David Sullivan

> Session 16: Malaria Vaccines: Trials and Tribulations

Lee Hall