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Module 1: Introduction to the Ecological Model
The Social Context of PHC Organization Lecture 1
Health Behavior and the Ecological Model Lecture 2
Overview of the Ecological Model Lab 1
Discussion of lab 1 and lectures 1-2 LiveTalk 1
Module 2: The Intrapersonal Level
Types of Theories/Explanatory Models Lecture 3
Using and Making Models and Theories Lecture 4
Health Belief Model, Social Learning Theory Lecture 5
Theory of Reasoned Action, Process Models Lecture 6
Process Models and PRECEDE Lecture 7
Applying HBM, SLT, and TRA Lab 2
Applying Transtheoretical Model and PRECEDE Lab 3
Quiz on PRECEDE Framework Lab 3 Quiz
Discussion of labs 2-3 and lectures 3-7 LiveTalk 2
Theoretical Models Special Quiz
Module 3: The Interpersonal Level
Social Support Lecture 8
Social Networks Lecture 9
Social Networks and Social Support Lab 4
Discussion of lab 4 and lectures 8-9 LiveTalk 3
Module 4: The Community Level
Definitions of Community Lecture 10
Community Efficacy and Competence Lecture 11
Community Change Models Lecture 12
The Political Economy Framework lecture 13
Community Coalitions Lecture 14
Community Participation Lecture 15
Community Participation in Onchocerciasis: A Case Study Lecture 16
Community Diagnosis Lab 5
Discussion of lab 5 and lectures 10-16 LiveTalk 4
Module 5: The Organizational Level
Organizational Diagnosis Lecture 17
Organizational Change Lecture 18
Organizational Diagnosis Lab 6
Discussion of lab 6 and lectures 17-18 LiveTalk 5
Module 6: The Policy Level
Policy Making and Advocacy lecture 19
What Happened to Health for All? Lecture 20
Stakeholder Analysis for a National Malaria Policy Lab 7
Student groups will present their lab 7 results; discussion of lectures 19-20 LiveTalk 6
Course Evaluation
Course Evaluation Evaluation