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Other Resources

> Module 1 Web Links

Clean Air Initiative - global effort for world's citites

Definition of a Slum - Wikipedia

Jhpiego meets needs in Nairobi slums

Slums in Dicken's London

Tate Modern Global Cities Exhibition

Urbanization World Watch Institute

> Module 2 Web Links

On the Margins in Mauritania

> Module 3 Web Links

Healthy Municipalities and Cities, PAHO

Urban Health Resource Center, India

> Resource Page 1 - What is a Slum?

Jhpiego meets needs of slum populations in Nairobi

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BBC News. Fire Destroys Manila Homes. April 2007.

BBC New. In pictures: Sierra Leone slum.

Planet Slum - Foreign Policy. November 5, 2009.

Planet of Slums - Davis - Orion, Mar/Apr 2006

Slum Ecology - Orion Mar/Apr 2006

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Mugabi P. Slum Setting Unfavorable to Development, Uganda Daily Monitor, 2008

> Resource Page 2 - Urban Climate Change

Climate Change and Malaria

Climate Change and Urban Children

Climate Change May Drown Cities

Roberts D. Thinking globally, acting locally - institutionalizing climate change at the local government level in Durban, South Africa. Environment and Urbanization 2008;20(2):521-537

Rosenthal E. In Bolivia, Water & Ice Tell of Climate Change. New York Times. Dec 13, 2009.