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“I have a Bachelors degree in General Biology but i have a great passion for Public Health hence my decision to pursue one of the programs on this site. I find the materials very helpful and easy to understand because the notes are simplified. OCW is a very useful initiative because it has given me a platform to gain useful knowledge which will give me a good foundation for my graduate studies. I hope to enroll for an MPH later in the future and work as a research Scientist in Infectious disease research.”

Bryan, Zambia, using Public Health Biology

“I just want to communicate my overwhelming gratitude for providing these materials free to the public. I am currently a Masters of Public Health student with an interest in the psychosocial aspects of public health. Knowing that Johns Hopkins University is one of the leading institutions in the nation for public health education, I was interested to see what types of classes were offered in the areas of behavioral health. Just for fun :). When I saw the courses, I found them to be extremely interesting. And then I ran into the link that connected me to OCW. I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing. A premier academic institution offering lecture slides, videos, syllabi, and reading list for free? I think this really speaks to your deep commitment to education for everyone. I am excited to begin to read through the information. This will be a great supplement to my current studies. And will ultimately help shape me into a better public health professional, committed to building the health of Americans and combating health disparities. Thank you for your academic excellence and your social consciousness.”

Jasmine, United States

“I use opencourseware by reading to upgrade my knowledge in health.”

STEPHEN, Ghana, using Approaches to Managing Health Services Organizations

“I'm an epidemiologist who lives in Colombia and want to learn about the ideal way to address public health situations, analyzing health determinants.”

LUZ, Colombia

“I am a public health practitioner who has worked for almost 5 years. I will have my BSc (Public Health in education). As yet to be educator, I want to be well equipped with epidemiology in infectious diseases so that I can save the lives of many in my county and the world at large. ”

Gordon, Ghana, using Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

“I am actually not even attending college. Although I am 17 and in high school, I am very interested in studying medicine in the US. I find these courses very useful - I watch them for fun, and I've learned a LOT. ”

Ana, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

“I just withdrew my MPH admission after finding out just how much I may end up owing after graduating. I have been fascinated with public health for so many years. I have a Ph.D. in health communication and see so many connections to Public Health. I want to expand my communication perspectives by enhancing my Public Health knowledge and hopefully find a career path where I can use both. Thanks for providing your syllabi I devour your readings at my leisure and will share with my students too. ”

Mumba , United States, using Urban Health in Developing Countries

“I have a degree in pharmacy, and next year I'll begin a Master's in pharmacology with emphasis on health economics. I have studied the influence on public health and access to essential medicines due to the signing of FTA with U.S. I also belong to an NGO that studies health policy and research group that aims for the rational use of medicines.”

Edna, Colombia, using Pharmaceuticals Management for Underserved Populations

“I have a degree in Foods and Nutrition, which I have not used recently. Since I have majored in foods and nutrition, I would like to get back into the area of public health. I am trying to find a way to do this and also spend more time nurturing my passion.”

Anu, United States, using Fundamentals of Epidemiology I

“I need to take a biostatistics course prior to entering a Masters Degree Program to become a Nurse Educator. I intend to start furthering my education by taking this course”

Catherine, United States, using Statistical Reasoning I

“I'm using OCW to develop a patient safety education program for a new residency program at a community hospital.”

Lorraine, United States, using Patient Safety and Medical Errors

“I am a health and wellness minister at my church. Materials will be made available in semi-weekly nutrition classes.”

Anonymous, United States, using Food and Nutrition Policy

“I am working in an area, where prevalence data of psychiatric epidemiology &/ mental health problems are not available. i would like to know how to design and collect such data in a scientific way. ”

Venkatesh, India, using Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

“to mainly work and design measures to control infectious diseases esp HIV and malaria and tuberculosis.”

Priscilla, Uganda, using Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

“In the area of my professional work as prevention and SBCC Advisor in my organization, understanding the concept of social and behavioral theory will help me achieve the community blood donor mobilization startegy i am implementing in Nigeria. ”

Mansur, Nigeria, using Integrating Social and Behavioral Theory into Public Health: Foundations/Macro-Mezzo Levels

“It gives me some talking points to share with our elected leaders to push some programs that our health department finds valuable.”

Nancy, United States, using Introduction to Health Policy

“I am invited to teach part of a post graduate course in Occupational Medicine an University in India. I have chosen basic and practical toxicology. I would like to use your material. I am not getting paid. Please let me know if I use it. Thank you.”

Nitin, United States, using Public Health Toxicology

“Currently attending a community college. I am enrolled in an undergraduate program. Preparing myself for graduate school school ahead of time and wanted some exposure. I currently an a peer health educator with out Stop HIV/AIDS Project and I am involved in behavioral research project.”

Corey, United States, using Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

“I do with technical support for farm which develop the basic in food hygiene and sanitation. ”

Yuwalak, Thailand, using Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

“I am going to use for diagnosis and monitoring of infectius dieases in my country. Its necesary for my country to have personnel with training in this issues, because infectius disease are problem in public health in this area of my country. (Colombia south america). HIV-AIDS, Malarie, Cholera, TB, Parasites diseases, Lesihmaniasis and other tropical diseases.”

Vladimir, Colombia, using Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

“I have been asked to provide an Introductory Epidemiology and Biostatistics course for a Physician Assistant program and of course want to share with them the wonderful experience I had in Quant Methods 10 years ago now!!!!!! Wow!! Thank you for making the courseware available and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to give you the attribution you so richly deserve for enriching my life with Epi and Biostats!! Thank you!!”

Janice, United States, using Fundamentals of Epidemiology I

“These lectures are very organized, and I will adapt them to local context in developing country where am teaching.”

Neway, Ethiopia, using Fundamentals of Epidemiology

“I assist physicians with study design and data analysis. I also need this knowledge for reviewing protocols in my role as IRB Coordinator. ”

Karen, United States, using Intro to Ethics of Human Subjects Research