Course: Baltimore Food Systems: A Case Study of Urban Food Environments

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Readings, Assignments



Course Overview

  • Introduction to course, assignments, travel
  • Introductions of participants
  • Food system 10,000 foot view

Speakers: Roni Neff, Megan Clayton






History and community food security

  • Service-learning project overview and setup
  • Baltimore food system history
  • Overview of community food security field/approaches; models of community mobilization. Food justice, food sovreignty. Community food assessments.
  • Discussion

Speakers: Roni Neff, Megan Clayton, Anne Palmer






Baltimore local & state food policy

  • Interviewing Training
  • Baltimore local & state food policy
  • Orientation to trip 1
  • Orientation to corner store potluck lunch assignment

Speakers: Holly Freishtat, Food Policy Director, Office of Sustainability, Baltimore City Department of Planning, Roni Neff, Megan Clayton



  • Baltimore Food Policy Task Force report, pp 1-9
  • Winne M. Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the table in the land of plenty. Beacon Press: Boston. 2008 [hencefoth, "Winne"]: xi-xxii
  • Reading Responses




Trip: Food Depot

Speaker: Benji Green, Owner





Corner Stores

  • Debrief trip 1 (supermarkets)
  • Check-in re: Midterm Project
  • Corner store discussion and potluck lunch
  • Discussion

Speakers: Roni Neff, Megan Clayton



Food Insecurity

  • Food assistance
  • Witnesses to Hunger
  • Orientation to trip 2
  • Service-learning reflection 1
  • Discussion of student experience thus far

Speakers: Mariana Chilton, Roni Neff





Emergency Food

Trip: Franciscan Center



  • Winne pp. 69-81
  • Reading Responses



Issues of race, class, MD Food System Map

  • Issues of race, class, and working with communities
  • MD Food System Map
  • Debrief trip 2

Speakers: Heber Brown, Pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, and Amanda Behrens, CLF Project Manager, Eating for the Future





Student presentations of interview findings



  • Midterm papers due
  • Class presentations



Food choices - Demand, marketing, behavior change

  • Food demand
  • Marketing
  • Behavior change including education, social marketing, behavioral economics
  • Discussion

Speakers: Megan Clayton, Joyce Smith



Choose one of the following




School Food and Farm Policy

  • School Food - system-wide shcool food issues and innovations at Montessori
  • Farm Bill
  • Orient Trip 3
  • Service-learning reflection 2 [issues]

Speakers: Jill Wrigley, OSI Baltimore Community Fellow; Good to Grow: Kids, Food, and Gardens Worldwide; Roni Neff





Agriculture - conventional and sustainable

Trip: Albright Farms

Speaker: Tom Albright - Farmer & Owner of Albright Farms





Direct Marketing and Regional Food Systems

  • Debrief trip 3
  • Orient trip 4
  • Direct marketing (Farmers' markets, CSA, other models)
  • Baltimore food system in regional context
  • Improving regional food systems
  • Service-learning reflection 3 - no what?

Speakers: Kate Clancy, Megan Clayton





Urban agriculture

  • Trip to Whitelock Community Farm
  • CLF Aquaponics Facility

Speakers: Elisa Lane, Head Farmer at Whitelock Community Farm; David Love, PhD, Project Director of CLF Aquaponics Facility





Food System Workers Discussion

  • Discuss Trip 4
  • Food system workers
  • Agriculture: urban, peri-urban
  • Serveice-learning reflection

Speakers: Roni Neff, Worker representative TBA






Speaker: Roni Neff



  • Winne, pp 183-193