Course: Case Studies in Primary Health Care

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The required textbook for the course is: Taylor-Ide, D & Taylor, C.E. (2002). Just and lasting change: When communities own their futures. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

A recommended textbook for the course is: Arole, M. & Arole, R. (1994). Jamkhed: A Comprehensive Rural Health Project. London: The MacMillan Press

Topic Readings
General Readings
Primary Health Care Slums (Chapter 9) in Polak, Paul. Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approcahes Fail. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2008

McLeary KR, et al. Community-based interventions. Am J Pub Health 2003;93:529-533

Taylor CE. Surveillance for equity in primary health care: Policy implications from international experience. Int J Epidemiol 1992;21:1043-1049

Keane D, et al. Community health workers and promotores in California. UCSF Center for the Health Professions, September 2004

Carl Taylor on incentives

Taylor CE. What would Jim Grant say now? The Lancet 2010;375:1236-1237

Lecture Guides
Guides to selected lectures within the course Roots for Community Based Primary Health Care

Narangwal Part I - Field Research in Community Health Care - Conceptual and Technical Breakthroughs

Jamkhed and Gadchiroli, India: Conceptual and Technical Breakthroughs in the Demonstration and Field Research about Community Health Care

Pholela and the US Community Health Centers - Differences between the US and Developing Countries

Applying the SEED SCALE Model - Lessons from Gaza, Mozambique

Post-Conflict Afghanistan

Student Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions for Selected Lectures Questions for Student Discussion on Narangwal

Questions for Student Discussion on Jamkhed and Gadchiroli

Questions for Student Discussion on Pholela

Questions for Student Discussion on China

Questions for Student Discussion on Mozambique

Questions for Student Discussion on Afghanistan

Lessons Learned

Week 1
Roots of Community-Based Primary Health Care (Taylor)

Taylor C, Jolly R. The straw men of primary health care. Soc Sci Med 1988;226:971-977

Declaration of Alma-Ata

Litsios S. The Christian Medical Commission and the development of WHO's primary health care approach. Am J Pub Health 2004;94:1884-1893

Taylor C. Overview: Primary health care before and after Alma-Ata. In: Primary Health Care and Health Sector Reform: 15 Years After Alma Ata. WHO, 1993

Week 2
The Narangwal Project and Student Discussion

Taylor CE, Parker RL. Integrating PHC services: Evidence from Narangwal, India. Health Policy and Planning 1987;2:150-161

The Jamkhed and Gadchiroli Projects and Student Discussion Bang AT, Bang RA, Reddy HM. Home-based neonatal care: Summary and applications of the field trial in rural Gadchiroli, India (1993 to 2003). J Perinatol 2005;25:S108-S122
Bangladesh and BRAC Perry H. Lessons for the future (chapter 7). In: Health for All in Bangladesh. University Press, 2000
Week 3
Pholela and the Origins of Community-Oriented Primary Care

Geiger HJ. The first community health centers: A model of enduring value. J Ambulatory Care Manage 2005;28:313-320

Mullan F, Epstein L. Community-oriented primary care: New relevance in a changing world. Am J Pub Health. 2002;92:1748-1755

McLeroy KR, et al. Community-based interventions. Am J Pub Health. 2003;93:529-533

Yach D, Tollman SM. Public health initiatives in South Africa in the 1940s and 1950s: Lessons for a post-apartheid era. Am J Pub Health 1993;83:1043-1050

Susser M. Pioneering community-oriented primary care. Bull WHO. 1999;77:436-438

The China Model Counties Project and Student Discussion No Readings
Week 4
Community-Based Primary Health Care in the Western Hemisphere: Case Studies from Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and Haiti

Perry H, et al. Attaining health for all through community partnerships: Principles of the census-based, impact-oriented (CBIO) approach to primary health care developed in Bolivia, South America. Soc Sci Med 1999;48:1053-1067

Perry H, et al. Impact of a community-based comprehensive primary healthcare programme on infant and child mortality in Bolivia. J Health Popul Nutr 2003;21:383-395

Perry H, et al. Reducing under five mortality through Hopital Albert Schweitzer's integrated system in Haiti. Health Policy Plan 2006;21:217-30

Perry H, et al. Long-term reductions in mortality among children under age 5 in rural haiti: Effects of a comprehensive health system in an imporverished setting. Am J Public Health 2007;97:240-246

Week 5
Applying the Seed-Scale Model: Case Study from Mozambique and Student Discussion

Edward A, et al. Examining the evidence of under-five mortality reduction in a community-based programme in Gaza-Mozambique. 2007;101:814-822

Care Groups: Giving Census-Based Impact-Oriented Extra Power for Community-Based Primary Health Care

Edward A, et al. Examining the evidence of under-five mortality reduction in a community-based programme in Gaza-Mozambique. 2007;101:814-822

Perry H, et al. Averting childhood deaths in resource-constrained settings through engagement with the community: An example from Cambodia. In: Essentials of Global Community Health (Gofin J, Gofin R, eds.) Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011


Week 6
Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan and Student Discussion Afghanistan Seven Tasks
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and East Baltimore Community Case Study

Levine DM, et al. Community-academic health center partnerships for underserved minority populations. JAMA 1994;272:309-311

Baker EA, et al. Principles of practice for academic/practice/community research partnerships. Am J Prev Med 1999;16:86-93

Week 7
SEED-SCALE: A Universal Process No Readings
A Comprehensive Review of the Effectiveness of Community-Based Primary Health Care in Improving Child Health

Freeman P, et al. Accelerating progress in achieving the millennium development goal for children through community-based approaches. Global Public Health 2009 Nov 3:1-20 [Epub ahead of print]


Week 8
Case Studies in Primary Health Care: Lessons Learned

Declaration of Alma-Ata

Margaret Chan puts primary health care centre stage at WHO [editorial]. Lancet 2008;371:1811