Course: Entertainment Education for Behavior Change

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Homework Assigments

» Assignment 1

Students list those (positions, not names) they would invite to be on their Design Team.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Design Document. Written outline of Design Team members (not names), intended audience, the behavior students wish to change, and why it should be changed (reasons must be supported by qualified references).

Students must also state choice of medium and reasons for choice.

» Assignment 2

Students complete and hand in Design Document parts 3-10.

» Assignment 3

Students write and hand in message details of five episodes.

» Assignment 4

Students write and hand in synopsis of main plot and two subplots. Students indicate where message will come in throughout synopsis (remember: the message is NOT the story).

» Assignment 5

Students write brief character profiles of main characters in each plot (no more than three for each plot).

» Assignment 6

Students write and hand in outline of one script for an Edu-tainment program to support their main project.

» Assignment 7

Students write and hand in outline of support materials they would use with their projects (including possible Edu-tainment program/s) and reasons for their choices of support materials.

» Assignment 8

Students write and submit a brief summary (no more than two double-spaced pages) of their story. Students outline the objectives and emotion/s of the story, the audience, the changes the audience is being invited to make, and why they think the story will or will not be successful as a behavior change medium.