Course: Managing Long-Term Care Services for Aging Populations

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Evashwick, Connie J. The Continuum of Long Term Care. Albany, NY, Delmar, 2001.

Lieberman, Trudy. Complete Guide to Health Services for Seniors. New York, NY, Three Rivers Press, 2000.

Stone, Robyn I. Long-Term Care for the Elderly with Disabilities: Current Policy, Emerging Trends, and Implications for the Twenty-First Century. New York, NY, Milbank Memorial Fund, 2000.

Session Topic Readings
1 Models of Long-Term Care Delivery Systems, An Historical Overview

Evashwick, Chapter 1, Part II

Lieberman, Part II

Course Manual, Modules 3-4

2 The Competitive Environment

Stone, pp. 56-59

Course Manual, Modules 11-12

3 Customer Choice and the Marketplace

Evashwick, Chapter 14

Stone, pp. 16-24, 33-37

Lieberman, Parts I-II

Course Manual, Modules 5-6

4 The Customer Focus of Quality Management

Stone, pp. 25-37

Course Manual, Modules 7-8

5 The Human Equation of Service Quality and the Critical Role of Strategy

Stone, pp. 38-40

Course Manual, Modules 9-10

6 Aging, Demography and Seniors' Needs

Evashwick, Chapter 2

Stone, pp. 41-55

Course Manual, Modules 1-2

7 The Legal and Policy Environments

Evashwick, Chapters 15, 22

Stone, pp. 60-72

Course Manual, Modules 13-14

8 Student Presentations None