Course: Preventing Infant Mortality and Promoting the Health of Women, Infants, and Children

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Lecture Materials

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» Lecture 1: Introduction to the Problem of Infant Mortality (194 KB)

» Lecture 2: Epidemiology of Infant Morality I: Terminology and Immediate Causes of Infant Mortality (255 KB)

» Lecture 3: Epidemiology of Infant Mortality II: Person, Place, and Time (393 KB)

» Lecture 4: Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Infant Mortality

» Lecture 5: Strategies for Reducing Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality in the U.S. (268 KB)

» Lecture 6: International and National Approaches to the Problem of Infant Mortality

» Lecture 7: Current Controversies in Perinatal Health (216 KB)

» Lecture 8: Racial Differences in Pregnancy Outcomes (133 KB)

» Lecture 9: Measures of Neonatal Morbidity (104 KB)

» Lecture 10: Evaluating the Prevention of Infant Mortality (160 KB)

» Lecture 11: Addressing the Disparity of IM among African-Americans and White Infants: Approaches for Clinicians and Policymakers

» Lecture 12: Public Policy and Infant Mortality