Course: Integrating Social and Behavioral Theory into Public Health Part II: Mezzo/Micro-Level Theories

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Lecture Materials

For lectures for Sessions 1-15, please visit Part I of Integrating Social and Behavioral Theory into Public Health.

» Session 16 Lecture: Life-Course Perspective

Dr. Larry Wissow

» Sessions 17 & 18 Lecture: Intra-personal Aspects of Health Behavior

Dr. Larry Wissow

» Session 19 Lecture: Theories of Health Behavior Based on Interpersonal Influence

Dr. Larry Wissow

» Session 20 Lecture: Writing for Radio

Ms. Christine Buttorff

» Session 20 Health Behavior Change Narrative Example

Rachel Zelkowitz

» Session 21 Lecture: Models of Patient-Provider Communication

Dr. Debra Roter

» Session 22 Lecture: Implications of Health Literacy fo Clinical Interpersonal Interactions

Dr. Lori H. Erby

» Session 23 Lecture: Sex and Gender

Dr. David Jernigan

» Session 23 Lecture: Sex, Sexuality, and Health

Dr. David Jernigan

» Session 25 Lecture: Health education & promotion: making change through behavioral interventions (Not Available)

Dr. Andrea Gielen

» Session 26 Lecture: Program Evaluation

Dr. Larry Wissow

» Session 27 Lecture: Making change in clinical settings (Not Available)

Dr. Eileen McDonald