Course: Urban Health in Developing Countries

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The readings shown here are samples from the most recent offering of the course. The live course reading list is updated with each offering through a news room page called the City News Desk.

Session Topic Readings
Module 1: The Urban Environment
1 Introduction Harpham T. Urban health in developing countries: What do we know and where do we go? Health & Place. 2009;15:107-116

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Module 2: Urban Health Issues
5 Urban Transport Tong S, von Schirnding YE, Prapamontol T. Environmental lead exposure: A public health problem of global dimensions. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2000;78:1068-1077.

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8 Food Security Holmes S. World hunger's urban edge. BBC News, 5 June 2008

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Module 3: Urban Intervention Case Studies
9 Latin America See Readings for Session 13
10 India Perry H, et al. Barriers to immunization among women and children living in slums of zone 3 of Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Dhaka, Bangladesh: ICDDR,B, 2007.

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