Course: Urban Health in Developing Countries

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Session Topic Activities
Module 1: The Urban Environment
1 Introduction Lecture 1: A Framework for the Study of Urban Health (Abdullah Baqui)
2 Global Urbanization Lecture 2: Global Urbanization: Trends, Patterns, Determinants, and Impacts (Abdullah Baqui)
3 Physical Environment Lecture 3: The Urban Environment and Health in Developing Countries (Abdullah Baqui)
4 Social Environment

Lecture 4: The Urban Social Environment (William Brieger)

LiveTalk 1: The BRAC Manoshi Urban Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Problem Solving Worksheet Step 1

Module 2: Urban Health Issues
5 Urban Transport Lecture 5: The Burden of Urban Ill-Health from Road Transport in Developing Countries (Adnan Hyder)
6 Urban Primary Health Care

Lecture 6: Urban Primary Health Care and Health Systems (Abdullah Baqui & William Brieger)

Quiz 1: Urban Physical Environment and Urban Primary Health Care

7 Infectious Diseases Lecture 7: Urbanization and the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (William Moss)
8 Food Security

Lecture 8: Feeding Cities (William Brieger)

LiveTalk 2: Health in the Urban Slums: Let the People Lead the Way

Problem Solving Worksheet Step 2

Bulletin Board Exercise: Urban Equity Issues

Module 3: Urban Intervention Case Studies
9 Latin America

Lecture 9: Municipalization and Urban Health: Tendencies in the Americas, Lessons Learned, and Challenges (Marilyn Rice)

Problem Solving Worksheet Step 3

10 India Lecture 10: Urban Health in India: A Case Study (Siddharth Agarwal)
11 Working with NGOs to Improve Primary Health Care

Lecture 11: Selected Strategies to Improve Access to and Quality of Urban Primary Health Care (Abdullah Baqui)

Problem Solving Worksheet Step 4

12 Nigeria Lecture 12: Urban Environment Case Study 2: Community Health Coalitions in Urban Nigeria, 1994-2005 (Brieger)
13 Latin America

Lecture 13: A Case Study on Participatory Budgeting in Latin America (Marilyn Rice)

Quiz 2: Urban Social Environment

Problem Sovling Worksheet Step 5

LiveTalk 3: Dengue Fever: Control of an Urban Disease