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Lecture Notes

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> Lecture 1: Current & Emerging Issues in Nutrition, Health, & Survival (878 KB)

> Lecture 2: Protein-Energy Malnutrition and Undernutrition (1,823 KB)

> Lecture 3: Vitamin A Deficiency and Child Health, Survival, and Vision (2,549 KB)

> Lecture 4: Iodine, Iodine Deficiency, and Iodine Deficiency Disorders (1,215 KB)

> Lecture 5: Iron Deficiency and Anemia: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions (406 KB)

> Lecture 6: Breast and Complementary Feeding (754 KB)

> Lecture 7: Nutrition Surveillance and Program Monitoring (1,114 KB)

Philip Harvey, Guest Lecturer

> Lecture 8: Global Food Security: US Food Aid from Policy to Programs to Results (360 KB)

Bruce Cogill, Guest Lecturer

> Lecture 9: Economic Analysis of Human Nutrition in Developing Countries
(474 KB)

Howarth E. Bouis, Guest Lecturer

> Lecture 10: Community-Based Nutrition Interventions (1,101 KB)

> Lecture 11: Famine (970 KB)

> Lecture 12: Nutrition and Reproductive and Pregnancy-Related Health (1,252 KB)

> Lecture 13: Zinc Deficiency (476 KB)

Robert E. Black, Guest Lecturer

> Lecture 14: Nutrition and HIV Infection (1,120 KB)

Richard D. Semba, Guest Lecturer

> Lecture 15: The Nutrition Transition (217 KB)

Benjamin Caballero, Guest Lecturer