Course: Approaches to Managing Health Services Organizations

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Team Exercises

» Team Exercise 1: Nominal Group Technique (PDF)

Nominal Group Technique is a group process for eliciting opinions, aggregating judgments, and obtaining priority rankings from a group, increasing its rationality, creativity, and efficiency. This is a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 2: SWOT for an Organization in Transition (PDF)

As a group, prepare in class a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of a Ministry of Health that is trying to decentralize its services. Consider other models for decentralization for the case, and provide a recommendation on how the Ministry of Health should be decentralized. This is a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 3: The Common Currency Game

The Common Currency Game is intended to help participants learn about competition and cooperation.

» Team Exercise 4: Budgeting

Develop and interpret a budget in Hopovia Ministry of Health. This is a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 5: Flow Chart of drug supply logistics in a low income country (PDF)

As a group, construct a flowchart of a work process concerning the case described below on getting antibiotics to a patient with pneumonia in a low-income country. This is a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 6: Friday Night in the ER simulation game

Each group chooses an department to manage: Emergency Room, Operating Room, Step-down Ward, Critical Care Unity, or Time-Keeper/Hospital Administrator. This is not a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 7: Balanced Scorecard for evaluating performance (PDF)

Develop a "Balanced Scorecard" for evaluating performance in one of two cases: Burkina Faso health sector study (macro) or Jahmkhed Comprehensive Rural Health Project case study (micro). This is a graded assignment.

» Team Exercise 8: The Abilene Paradox (PDF)

After watching "The Abilene Paradox" video, each group will formulate ways to raise objections at each phase of the decision-making timeline. This is not a graded assignment.