Course: Approaches to Managing Health Services Organizations

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Approaches to Managing Health Services Organizations

Photo by Jill Granberg of LWF community urgent care center in Turmus'ayya, a village north of Ramallah. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.



David Peters

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Fall 2010

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Healthcare professionals around the world are experiencing increasing pressures from patients, communities, governments and payers to demonstrate value. Controlling costs, providing high quality outcomes, assuring access, and enhancing patient satisfaction have become leading issues. In addition, services increasingly are provided within the context of multi-disciplinary teams and complex organizational and financial arrangements. Fiscal and other resource constraints abound. Meeting these challenges within healthcare settings requires leadership and managerial skills in addition to clinical expertise.

This course provides a learning laboratory experience for students who will explore a variety of settings in which to apply concepts learned in Managing Health Services Organizations (551.601).

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