Course: Adolescent Health and Development

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» Midterm Exam

The mid-term is a multiple choice, short answer, short essay examination that will be take home and open book. It takes no more that 90 minutes to complete (assuming you have done the readings and understand the material).

» Final Paper

Students are expected to write an individual paper addressing an issue of public health importance adhering to the following principles:

(1) Clearly define the adolescent health problem or issue and address why it is of public health significance

(2) Use a conceptual framework or logic model to address the key antecedents and determinates of the issue

(3) Employ peer reviewed literature and use only primary sources as references (e.g., not literature reviews or web based articles)

(4) Present an evidence based intervention that is derived from your conceptual framework or logic model and the published intervention research (please justify your selection of an intervention)

The term paper can be any length as long as it meets the above criteria and does not exceed 15 pages. Generally, however, it is unlikely that a paper can accomplish what is expected in less than 10 pages. The reports should have one inch margins, no less than a 12 point Times New Roman font, and must be single-spaced. The paper must use a consistent format for references such as the APA or ICMJE format; and references do not count against the total page count. Any tables used in the individual report will be counted against the total page count.