Course: Concepts in Economic Evaluation

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Required : Drummond MF, Sculpher MJ, Torrance GW, O'Brien BJ, Stoddart GL. Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes . Oxford University Press. 2005 

Optional (Higher Level) : Gold MR, Siegel JE, Russell LB, Weinstein MC (eds.). Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine. Oxford University Press. 1996.  

Optional (Lower Level) : Haddix AC, Teutsch SM, Corso PS. Prevention Effectiveness: A Guide to Decision Analysis and Economic Evaluation . Oxford University Press. 2002.
Session Topic Readings
1 Introduction to Cost-Outcome Studies

Drummond Chapters 1 & 2

Mauskopf JA, Paul JE, Grant DM, Stergachis A. The role of cost-consequence analysis in healthcare decision-making. Pharmacoeconomics. 1998;13:277-88.

2 Economics and Economic Evaluation Kenkel D. On valuing morbidity, cost-effectiveness analysis, and being rude. J Health Econ. 1997;16:749-57.
3 Study Designs Drummond Chapters 5 (skip 5.5 and 5.6), 8, and 9
4 Types of Cost Data

Drummond Chapter 4

Ross TK. Analyzing health care operations using ABC. J Health Care Finance. 2004;30:1-20.

5 Discounting, Inflation, Capital Costs Walker D, Kumaranayake L. Allowing for differential timing in cost analyses: discounting and annualization. Health Policy Plan. 2002;17:112-8.
6 Productivity Cost Concepts Koopmanschap M, Burdorf A, Jacob K, Meerding WJ, Brouwer W, Severens H. Measuring productivity changes in economic evaluation: setting the research agenda. Pharmacoeconomics. 2005;23:47-54.
7 Contingent Market Valuation

Drummond Chapter 7

Smith RD. Construction of the contingent valuation market in health care: a critical assessment. Health Econ. 2003;12:609-28.


What is a QALY or DALY?

Drummond Chapter 6

Determinants of health economic decisions in actual practice: the role of behavioral economics. Value Health. 2006;9:65-7.

Reidpath DD, Allotey PA, Kouame A, Cummins RA. Measuring health in a vacuum: examining the disability weight of the DALY. Health Policy Plan. 2003;18:351-6.

9 Preference Elicitation Methods Nickerson CA . Assessing convergent validity of health-state utilities obtained using different scaling methods. Med Decis Making. 1999;19:487-98.
10 Multiattribute Utility Theory & Instruments Hanmer J, Lawrence WF, Anderson JP, Kaplan RM, Fryback DG. Report of nationally representative values for the noninstitutionalized US adult population for 7 health-related quality-of-life scores. Med Decis Making. 2006;26:391-400.
11 Decision Rules

Drummond Chapters 5.5 & 5.6

Dowie J. Why cost-effectiveness should trump (clinical) effectiveness: the ethical economics of the South West quadrant. Health Econ. 2004;13:453-9.

12 Sensitivity Analysis and Inference

Fenwick E, Marshall DA, Levy AR, Nichol G. Using and interpreting cost-effectiveness acceptability curves: an example using data from a trial of management strategies for atrial fibrillation. BMC Health Serv Res. 2006;6:52.

Yokota F, Thompson KM. Value of information analysis in environmental health risk management decisions: past, present, and future. Risk Anal. 2004 Jun;24:635-50.

13 Reference Case & Global Recommendations

Drummond Chapter 3

Phillips KA, Chen JL. Impact of the U.S. panel on cost-effectiveness in health and medicine. Am J Prev Med. 2002;22:98-105.