Course: Environmental Health

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There is no formal textbook for the course; for students interested in broad coverage, the following basic texts are recommended as additional resources:

Blumenthal, D. S., and Ruttenber, A. J. (1995). Introduction to environmental health. Second Edition. New York: Springer.

Lippmann, M. (Ed.). (1992). Environmental toxicants: Human exposures and their health effects. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Moeller, D. W. (1997). Environmental health (Revised ed.). Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Moore, G. S. (1999). Living with the earth: Concepts in environmental health science. Boca Raton: Lewis Publishers.

Nadakavukaren, A. (2000). Our global environment: A health perspective (5th ed.) Prospect Heights: Waveland Press, Inc.

Philp, R. B. (1995). Environmental hazards and human health. Boca Raton: Lewis Publishers.

Yassi, A., Kjellstrom, T., de Kok, T., Guidotti, T. L. (2001). Basic environmental health. New York: Oxford University Press.