Course: Ethics of Human Subject Research

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Ethics of Human Subject Research

Vaccine trials are governed by research ethics, such as informed consent and privacy.



Holly Taylor

Originally Offered :

Spring 2005

Offered By:

Health Policy and Management

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Ethics of Human Subject Research (2 credits) is offered by the Department of Health Policy and Management and the Distance Education Division, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Phoebe R. Berman Bioethics Institute, Johns Hopkins University. The course introduces students to the ethics of human subject research. Ethical theory and principles are introduced, followed by a brief history of research ethics. Topics covered in lectures and moderated discussions include informed consent for research participation, role and function of institutional review boards, just selection of research subjects, ethical aspects of study design, and privacy and confidentiality. Student evaluation will be based on participation in moderated discussions, an informed consent exercise and written case analysis.