Course: Family Planning Policies and Programs

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Session Topic Activites
1 Introduction - The Evolution of Population Policies and Family Planning Programs Lecture
2 Fertility - Measurement, Trends, Proximate Determinants, and Contraceptive Effectiveness and Discontinuation Lecture
3 The Demand-Supply Framework for Family Planning Program Analysis
Unmet Need for Family Planning
4 Groups plan their case studies Open Session
5 Case Studies in Policy - Iran, China, and India Class Discussion
6 Unintended Pregnancy, Unwanted Fertility and Induced Abortion Lecture
7 Case Studies - Quality of Care, Medical Barriers and Contraceptive Choice Class Discussion
8 Paying for Family Planning - Cost Recovery and Social Marketing Lecture
9 Ethical Issues in Population Policy and Family Planning Programs Class Discussion
10 Gender Issues in Family Planning Class Discussion
11 Group work on case studies Open Session
12 Discussion of Community-based Distribution and Integration of Services Class Discussion
13 Final Group Presentations Final Presentations
14 Final Group Presentations Group Presentations
15 Prepare Final Reports
16 Prepare Final Reports