Course: History of Public Health

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Reading List (135KB) This document contains a comprehensive list of all readings.


Required Texts
Ibsen, Henrik (1964). A Public Enemy in Ghosts and Other Plays, trans. Peter Watts, London: Penguin Books.

Porter, Dorothy (1999). Health, Civilization, and the State: A History of Public Health from Ancient to Modern Times.

You may purchase any of these materials from Matthews Medical Book Center.

Recommended Texts
Fee, Elizabeth (1987). Disease and Discovery, The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Porter, Dorothy (ed.), (1994). The History of Public Health and the Modern State.

Rosen, George (1958, 1993). A History of Public Health, Expanded Edition, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

These readings are also available at the Matthews Johns Hopkins Medical Book Center. Because they are not required, the number of copies available will be limited.

General Reading References

Some specific references will be provided with each lecture outline. The following general references may be helpful to those who wish to do further reading.

Brockington, C. Fraser (1956). A Short History of Public Health, London: J. & A. Churchill.

Cartwright, Frederick F. (1977). A Social History of Medicine.

Duffy, John (1990). The Sanitarians.

Feierman, Steven and Janzen, John M. (eds.) (1992). The Social Bases of Health and Healing in Africa, Berkeley: Univ. California Press.

Leslie, Charles (ed.) (1976). Asian Medical Systems, Berkeley: Univ. California Press.

Leslie, Charles and Young, Allan (eds.) (1992). Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge, Berkeley: Univ. California Press.

Porter, Roy (1997). The Greatest Benefit to Mankind.

Shryock, Richard H. (1947). The Development of Modern Medicine.

Sigerist, Henry E. (1941). Medicine and Human Welfare.

Sigerist, Henry E. (1943). Civilization and Disease.

Sigerist, Henry E. (1956). Landmarks in the History of Hygiene, Oxford University Press.