Course: Introduction to Health Policy

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Session Topic Activites
Module 1: The Rational Public Health Policy Process
1 What Public Health Policy Do You Want to Change? (Anderson) Lecture 1
2 Assessing Need and Demand for Health Care (Anderson) Lecture 2
3 Historical, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives on Public Health Policy (Anderson) Lecture 3
4 Economic and Financial Considerations in Health Policy (Anderson) Lecture 4
5 Evaluation and Assessment of Health Policy (Anderson) Lecture 5
6 Two Frequently Asked Questions (Anderson) Lecture 6
Module 2: Delivering Medical Care
7 Health Policy and the Delivery of Health Care: Case Study 1 (Weiner) Lecture 7
8 Health Policy and the Delivery of Health Care: Case Study 2 (Weiner) Lecture 8
Module 3: Injury Prevention and Trauma Care
9 Setting the Stage: The Burden of Injury and Strategies for Intervention (MacKenzie) Lecture 9
10 How Did an Airbag Get Into My Steering Wheel: A Case Study in Injury Prevention Policy (Frattaroli) Lecture 10
11 Funding Trauma Centers: Using the Bardach Framework to Develop a Rational Policy (MacKenzie) Lecture 11
Module 4: Emergency Preparedness
12 Public Health Preparedness Policies: Pre-9/11 Policies (Burke) Lecture 12 (currently unavailable)
13 Public Health Preparedness Policies: Post-9/11 Realities and Future Directions (Burke) Lecture 13 (currently unavailable)