Course: Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

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The following assignments are conducted on the course bulletin board, which is available to enrolled students. These same topics and questions can also be used for face-to-face classroom or small group discussion.

Bulletin Board Discussions

» BBS 1: What Makes an Emergency Complex?

  • What defines an emergency?
  • What kind of emergencies are "simple" or specific and time limited?
  • What kind of emergencies are "complex"?
  • What makes these emergencies complex? What are the factors that are different from "simple" or time-limited emergencies?

» BBS 2: Risk & Resiliency - Assignment Instructions (MP3)

  • Write a one- or two-sentence definition of the words "risk" and "resiliency".
  • Write a brief explanation of how they are differentiated from one another.
  • Post your definitions and differentiations to the course bulletin board.

» BBS 3: Interventions for Vulnerable Populations

  • What mental health issues might they present with?
  • What interventions might be appropriate?
    • Include an explanation for why you selected the intervention.
  • What issues will need to be considered to adapt the interventions?

» BBS 4: Proposal Pitch Questions

  • Listen to the proposal pitch presentations and post questions to the bulletin board.