Course: Refugee Health Care

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Session Topic Activites
Module 1: Dilemmas in Humanitarian Assistance
Week 1 Welcome to Refugee Health Care Introduction
Week 1 Refugee and Disaster Definitions Lecture 1
Week 1 Causes of Conflict and Population Displacement Lecture 2
Module 2: Information and Surveillance Systems
Week 1 Information and Surveillance Systems for Refugee Populations Lecture 3
Week 1 Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak Investigation (Guest Lecturer: Abdallah) Lecture 4
Module 3: Assessing the Needs of Displaced Populations
Week 1 Health Needs of Refugees Lecture 5
Week 1 Assessing Health Needs Lecture 6
Week 1 Establishing Health Services Lecture 7
Module 4: Water and Sanitation for Refugees and Displaced Persons
Week 2 Public Health Issues Regarding Water and Sanitation for Displaced Populations (Guest Lecturer: Roberts) Lecture 8
Week 2 LiveTalk Interactive Session LiveTalk 1
Module 5: Control of Communicable Diseases in Emergencies
Week 3 Control of Communicable Diseases Lecture 9
Module 6: International Humanitarian Law
Week 3 International Humanitarian Law (Guest Lecturer: Hoffman) Lecture 10
Module 7: The Structure and Response of International Humanitarian Agencies
Week 3 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Guest Lecturer: Fryer) Lecture 11
Module 8: Food and Nutrition for Refugees
Week 3 Food Aid Programs in Nutrition Response (Guest Lecturer: Hansch) Lecture 12
Week 4 Introduction to Rapid Assessment Case Study 1

Peer Evaluation

Module 9: Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues in Refugees and Displaced Persons
Week 5 Mental Illness Among Trauma-Affected Populations (Guest Lecturer: Bolton) Lecture 13
Module 10: Protection of Displaced Women
Week 5 The Health Needs of Refugee Women (Guest Lecturer: Rowley) Lecture 14
Module 11: Health Needs in Repatriation
Week 5 Repatriation in Cambodia (Guest Lecturer: Robinson) Lecture 15
Module 12: Human Rights and Population Displacement
Week 5 Health and Human Rights Principles for Refugee Health (Guest Lecturer: Lawrence) Lecture 16
Module 13: Disasters and Development
Week 5 From Disasters to Development (Guest Lecturer: Pierre) Lecture 17
Week 5 Submit working title, summary, and references for your topic. Final Paper Summary
Week 5 LiveTalk Interactive Session LiveTalk 2
Week 6 Introduction to Control of Communicable Diseases (designated students only - 1/2 of the class) Case Study 2

Peer Evaluation

Week 7 Course Evaluation Evaluation
Week 7 Introduction to Nutrition (designated students only - other 1/2 of the class) Case Study 3

Peer Evaluation

Week 8 LiveTalk Interactive Session LiveTalk 4
Week 8 Final Paper due Final Paper