Course: STI Prevention: Using Epidemiology to Inform Policy and Program

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Session Topic Activites
The Basics
1 Introduction to the Course: Housekeeping and How We Use Public Health (Althoff, Hogan, Schumacher) Lecture 1
2 Epidemiologic Basis of STD Control: Introduction and STD Surveillance (Zenilman) Lecture 2
3 STD Control: Introduction to Mathematical Models and STDs (Zenilman) Lecture 3
4 Introduction to STI Policy and Programming (Hogan, Althoff, Schumacher) Lecture 4
STI Specific Epidemiology
5 Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (Ghanem) Lecture 5
6 Vaginitis and PID (Zenilman, Ghanem) Lecture 6
7 Syphilis (Rompalo) Lecture 7
8 Update on Genital Herpes (Rompalo) Lecture 8
9 Genital Human Papillomavirus (Gravitt) Lecture 9
10 HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (Erbelding) Lecture 10
11 STD Diagnostic Tests (Gaydos) Lecture 11
STI Policy and Program in Various Contexts
12 Epidemiologic Basis for STI Policy and Programming: Interventions (Zenilman) Lecture 12
13 STDs in the International Setting (Gray) Lecture 13
14 Behavioral Interventions (Celentano) Lecture 14
15 Adolescents and STIs (Ellen) Lecture 15
Summary: Development of STI Policy and Program
16 Epidemiologic Basis for STI Policy and Programming: Development of Policy and Programming (Zenilman) Lecture 16