Course: Statistics for Laboratory Scientists I

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Session Topic Activites
1 Overview; What Is Statistics? Lecture
2 Displaying Data Badly; Data Summaries Lecture
3 Experimental Design Lecture
4 Observational Studies Lecture
5 Probability, Conditional Probability Lecture
6 Examples, Bayes's Theorem Lecture
7 More Examples Lecture
8 Random Variables, Distributions, Binomial, Poisson Lecture
9 Normal Distribution, Multiple Random Variables Lecture
10 Sampling Distributions; Central Limit Theorem Lecture
11 More of the Same Lecture
12 Maximum Likelihood Estimation Lecture
13 Confidence Interval (CI) for the Mean Lecture
14 CIs for Differences Between Means, CI for Population SD
15 Tests of Hypotheses Lecture
16 Tests for Differences Between Means Lecture
17 Calculation of Sample Size and Power Lecture
18 Permutation Tests and Other Non-Parametric Tests Lecture
19 Confidence Interval for a Proportion Lecture
20 Uses and Abuses of Tests
21 Transformations and Outliers Lecture
22 Analysis of Gene Expression Microarrays Lecture
23 Identifying Essential Genes in M tuberculosis Lecture
24 Exam Lecture