Course: Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers

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Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers

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A woman uses a flip chart to discuss family planning with a group of adolescent girls, women, and young men as part of the "Come Let's Talk" campaign in India.



Bill Brieger

Originally Offered:

Summer 2005

Offered By:

International Health

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This course in Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers identifies the role of training and continuing education as an important component of health service and personnel management. Participants will be guided through the steps of planning training and continuing education activities for a range of health workers from managers to village volunteers. The course draws on real life examples from community-directed onchocerciasis control, village health worker programs, and patent medicine vendor training programs, to name a few.

As a final project, participants will prepare a training plan that includes needs assessment instruments, procedures for involving the trainees in their own learning, instructional objectives, appropriate learning methods and delivery modes, resource and budget needs, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and follow-up supervision.

Participants may wish to use the training guide they develop for this course as a foundation for an MPH CAPSTONE project. Please contact the instructor for details.