Course: Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers

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Topic Activities
Module 1: An Organizational Context for Training
An Organizational Context for Training Lecture 1
Approaches to Training and Learning Lecture 2
Description of Potential Trainees Assignment 1
Module 2: Diagnosing Training Needs
Recruitment and Involvement of Trainees Lecture 3
Diagnosing Training Needs Lecture 4
Plan for Diagnosing Training Needs Assignment 2
Module 3: Planning for Training
Content and Objectives Lecture 5
Selecting Appropriate Training Methods Lecture 6
Material, Time, and Resources Lecture 7
Putting it All Together: The Training Guide Lecture 8
Sample Training Objectives and Tasks Assignment 3
Training Methods and Resources Assignment 4
SMART Objectives Quiz 1
Module 4: Managing Training
Distance Education for International Training Lecture 9
The Learning Climate: Organization, Flow, and Dynamics Lecture 10
Monitoring Implementation Lecture 11
Module 5: Evaluating Training
Evaluating Training Programs Lecture 12
Evaluation Plan Assignment 5
Training Methods and Implementation Quiz 2
Module 6: Training Follow-Up
Follow-up: Measuring Performance Lecture 13
The Process Continues Lecture 14
Replication of Training Programs Lecture 15
Full Training Guide Assignment 6