Course: Understanding Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care

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Topic Activities
Module 1: Core Concepts
Economics Concepts Overview Lecture 1
Solidifying Underlyinc Concepts LiveTalk 1
Recommendations of the Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine Lecture 2
Solidifying Concepts from Recommendations LiveTalk 2
Decision Rules Lecture 3
Discussion of decision rules and how the rules apply to cancer treatment. LiveTalk 3
Decision rules Exercise 1
Module 2: Quality Adjusted Life Years
Quality Adjusted Life Years Lecture 4
Discussion of the concepts behind QALYs, implications of using QALYs, and how QALYs were calculated in the Discussion III piece. LiveTalk 4
QALYs Exercise 2
Module 3: Costs and Calculations
Measuring Cost Over Time Lecture 5
Multiple Year Cost Calculations Lecture 6
Solidifying Cost Concepts LiveTalk 5
Costs Exercise 3
Module 4: Putting It All Together
Putting It All Together (with examples from the readings). Lecture 7
Any outstanding issues. LiveTalk 6
Final Assignment Final assignment
Course Evaluation Course Evaluation. Student input is a highly-valued source of information when doing course revisions. As such, please take a minute to fill out the end of course evaluation.