Course: Introduction to Demographic Methods

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Lecture Materials

Lecture slides and accompanying audio are presented below for each session.

The slides are presented in PDF, and the recorded lectures are presented in MP3. Although the two media are not technically synchronized, users can achieve a synchronized effect by opening a PDF and following along while listening to the corresponding MP3.

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Key Terms are defined in the Glossary.

» Lecture 1: Sources of Demographic Data

Lecture 1 Slides

Lecture 1 Audio: Part A, Part B, Part C

» Lecture 2: Ratio, Rate, and Probability

Lecture 2 Slides

Lecture 2 Audio: Part A

» Lecture 3: Population Composition

Lecture 3 Slides

Lecture Audio: Part A, Part B, Part C

» Lecture 4: Lexis Diagram

Lecture 4 Slides

Lecture 4 Audio: Part A

» Lecture 5: Mortality and Its Measurement

Lecture 5 Slides

Lecture 5 Audio: Part A, Part B, Part C

» Lecture 6: Standardization

Lecture 6 Slides

Lecture 6 Audio: Part A

» Lecture 7: Life Table

Lecture 7 Slides

Lecture 7 Audio: Part A, Part B, Part C

» Lecture 8: Measures of Marriage and Divorce

Lecture 8 Slides

Lecture 8 Audio: Part A, Part B

» Lecture 9: Fertility and Its Measurements

Lecture 9 Slides

Lecture 9 Audio: Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D

» Lecture 10: Measurements of Migration

Lecture 10 Slides

Lecture 10 Audio: Part A, Part B

» Lecture 11: Population Change and Projection

Lecture 11 Slides

Lecture 11 Audio: Part A, Part B