Course: Fundamentals of Program Evaluation

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» Assignment 1: Defining the Problem and Describing the Intervention (20.4 KB)

Purpose: Develop the skill of presenting a program or project from an evaluation perspective.

Topics to cover:

1. Background on the public health problem

2. Objectives of the program (project)

3. Description of the intervention intended to achieve the objectives

4. Design of a conceptual framework that shows how the intervention is expected to achieve the objectives.

» Assignment 2: Development of Indicators (20.3 KB)

Purpose: Translate the concepts from your conceptual framework (assignment #1) into measurable indicators.

» Assignment 3: Process Evaluation (13.5 KB)

Purpose: Familiarize students will the importance of conducting process evaluation and wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies used to this end.

Topics to cover:

1. Objectives of process evaluation (in general terms)

2. Summary description of two proposed methodologies

3. Quantitative methodology

» Assigment 4: Summative Evaluation to Measure Program Impact (22.6 KB)

Purpose: To test your understanding of issues related to study design, including threats validity, in relation to the evaluation of an actual field program (the Baltimore TB Control program or Stop AIDS Love Life).

Topics to cover:

1. Purpose of summative evaluation (in general terms)

2. Objectives of the selected program (reiterate from previous assignments)

3. Identify one indicator (each) relevant to the selected program to measure

4. Proposed study design

5. Discussion