Course: Fundamentals of Oncology for Public Health Practitioners

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Course Description

This course is designed as an overview of modern oncology principles and will cover the diagnosis, treatment/screening measures, prevention, promising research avenues, and controversies of cancer. There is a focus on the cancers that constitute the major burden in terms of numbers of cases and cancer deaths.

Each session consists of a lecture by an expert in a particular cancer area and a "journal club" discussion of a paper distributed before the lecture, focusing on a current area of interest for the particular cancer topic of the lecture. Class participation is expected for the journal club discussion.

Course Objectives

1. To gain an understanding of the multiple manifestations of tumors as different organ sites and the implications of a given diagnosis for treatment.

2. To gain an understanding of the state-or-the-art in early detection and screening of the major cancers affecting people living in this region.

3. To gain an understanding of issues that influence access and quality of care.

4. To gain an understanding of the needs and care of the dying patient.

5. To gain an understanding of the role clinical trials play in cancer therapy.

6. To become familiar with current controversies in cancer care.

Course Requirements

Student evaluation is based on a written review of a cancer controversy topic and a final exam.