Course: Health Information Technology Standards and Systems Interoperability

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The schedule below includes all course activities, including some (e.g. bulletin board activities) that are not available to OpenCourseWare visitors.

Topic Activities
Module 1
Welcome to Standards and Interoperability in Health Systems (Orlova) Lecture 0
Towards a Nationwide Health Information Network (Orlova) Lecture 1
HIT Standards and HIT Standardization (Orlova) Lecture 2
Discussion Questions for Lectures 1 & 2 Bulletin Board Discussion
Health Information Systems Interoperability (Arzt) Lecture 3
Introduce Yourself on the BBS (Required) Bulletin Board Activity
Module 2
Towards Business Process Standards (Orlova) Lecture 4
Functional Standards (Orlova) Lecture 5
Discussion Questions for Topics 4 & 5 Bulletin Board Discussion
Module 3
Data Content Standards (Boone) Lecture 6
Information Content Standards (Boone) Lecture 7
Discussion Questions for Topics 6 & 7 Bulletin Board Discussion
Information Exchange Standards (Henderson) Lecture 8
Identifier Standards (Suarez) Lecture 9
Privacy and Security Standards (Suarez) Lecture 10
Discussion Questions for Topics 8-10 Bulletin Board Discussion
Module 4
Standards Harmonization and Testing (Fourquet-Reed) Lecture 11
Testing and Product Certification (Majurski) Lecture 12
International Perspectives (Greenberg) Lecture 13
Discussion Questions for Topics 11 & 13 (no questions for Topic 12) Bulletin Board Discussion
Module 5
Deployment of Standards-based HIT Solutions in Public Health Practice: Case Studies (Bauer, Coates, Kunt, Brousseau) Lecture 15 (Extra Credit)
Group Presentations Assignment
Evaluation Click here to complete a course evaluation survey