Course: Introduction to Biostatistics

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Introduction to Biostatistics

Photo by Matt Jacoby via Creative Commons BY-NC.



John McGready, Rakesh Aggarwal, Amita Aggarwal, Nikhil Gupte

Originally Offered :

Summer 2009

Offered By:

Department of Biostatistics and The Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education


Introduction to Biostatistics provides an introduction to selected important topics in biostatistical concepts and reasoning. This course represents an introduction to the field and provides a survey of data and data types. Specific topics include tools for describing central tendency and variability in data; methods for performing inference on population means and proportions via sample data; statistical hypothesis testing and its application to group comparisons; issues of power and sample size in study designs; and random sample and other study types. While there are some formulae and computational elements to the course, the emphasis is on interpretation and concepts.