Course: Integrating Social and Behavioral Theory into Public Health: Foundations/Macro-Mezzo Levels

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We have all tried to change a health-related behavior, and no doubt had greater or lesser degrees of success.  Over the course of this semester, through lab exercises and assignments, you will have an opportunity to attempt a health-related behavior change again, while considering some of the many social and behavioral factors that can be helpful or a hindrance.  In the first quarter we will focus on the change itself, and in the second quarter we will focus on writing about it in a way that might be persuasive to other individuals or policy makers.

Lab Session Topic Materials
Introduction Examining a Personal Behavior Change Through Social and Behavioral Theory

Lab Manual Introduction
1 Introduction to the personal health behavior change Lab 1 Manual
2 Culture and explanatory models Lab 2 Manual
3 Social capital and collective efficacy compared to social support Lab 3 Manual