Course: Life Course Perspectives on Health

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Session Topic Activities
0 Course Overview Lecture 0
Part 1: Foundations
1 The Life Course, Human Development, and Health; Contexts, Causation, and Conceptualization Lecture 1 (M.E. Hughes)
2 Cross Cutting Themes, Methodology and the Life Course Perspective in Public Health Lecture 2 (M.E. Hughes)
3 Multilevel and Life Course Approaches to Obesity Lecture 3 (Robert Blum)

LiveTalk 1: Life Course Perspective & Conceptual Frameworks

Part 2: Health and Development over the Life Course
4 Fetal Health and Development Lecture 4 (Robert Blum)
5 Early Childhood: Survival, Growth, and Development Lecture 5 (Robert Blum)

LiveTalk 2: Fetal and Early Childhood Health and Development

Fetal Health and Development Application Commentaries Due

6 Health and Development of School Age Children Lecture 6 (Robert Blum)

Early Childhood Application Commentaries Due

7 Adolescent Development Lecture 7 (Robert Blum)

LiveTalk 3: School Age and Adolescent Health and Development

8 Health in Adulthood Lecture 8 (M.E. Hughes)

LiveTalk 4: Adult Health and Development

Commentary on Health in Adulthood Application

9 Health and Functioning in Later Life Lecture 9 (M.E. Hughes)

LiveTalk 5: Health and Functioning in Later Life

Health in Adulthood Application Commentaries Due

Later Life Application Commentaries Due

Part 3: Conceptual Framework Assignment
1 Conceptual Framework Topic Due upon completion of Session 3
2 Conceptual Framework Draft Due upon completion of Session 5
3 Final Conceptual Framework Description Due upon completion of Session 9