Course: Managed Care and Health Insurance

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The two course assignments are described below. Click the respective headings to download more thorough instructions in PDF.

Homework Assigments

» Assignment 1 - Discussion Paper

The purpose of this paper is to examine a topic or issue of interest to you from within the framework of concepts that you have learned in this class. The goal of this assignment is to help make this course more relevant to you and possibly to identify a topic you may wish to explore further as part of your final assignment.

A successful paper will briefly:

1. Present a summary of the current situation associated with your topic/issue.

2. Describe one or two challenges associated with your topic.

3. Describe one or two key healthcare players/stakeholders involved in this problem area.

4. Present and evaluate one or two possible responses for possible resolution to the challenge and discuss how the key players might be affected.

5. Draw a conclusion about the problem and its potential resolution and discuss related areas for further study.

» Assignment 2 - Final

The final assignment's primary goal is to further your knowledge of the course material. Its secondary goals are: (1) to further your knowledge of a content area of interest and relevance to you and (2) to give you experience in developing a report format relevant to your career path.

There are four report format options

1. public-sector decision memo

2. private-sector decision memo

3. business plan

4. research/evaluation concept paper