Course: Pharmaceuticals Management for Underserved Populations

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» Written Assignment

Write a paper on an important controversy in the area of pharmaceuticals or pharmaceuticals management for under-served populations. The paper should include the following: 1. description of the controversy (why its important, specific description of the controversy) ; 2. Description of the background to the controversy (including literature review of relevant factors and description of the setting); 3. Analysis (relevant methods for assessing problem; identification of options; Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities Threats [SWOT]); 4. Discussion and conclusions (implications).

Examples of relevant controversies include:

1. Effects of international treaties on access to medicines

2. Application of the essential drug concept in market economies

3. Rationing access to anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS

4. Generic versus brand name prescribing

5. Price control strategies

6. Role of non-professional providers/drug sellers

7. Corruption in the pharmaceuticals sector

8. Counterfeit drugs

The paper should be 15-20 pages of text plus summary, tables and graphs, annexes and references.


» Group Project: Pharmaceuticals System Analysis Consultant Report

Working in groups of 3 or 4 persons, prepare a consultant's report to the Ministry of Health in a country (or region of a country) of your choice. Undertake an analysis of its pharmaceuticals sector, using the framework described in the course, and provide recommendations for improvement. The group will also make a class presentation and discussion on the report (the format for the presentation will be discussed during class).

The analysis should address:

1. Pharmaceutical policy

2. Role of government in pharmaceuticals

3. Financing of pharmaceuticals (how revenues are raised for pharmaceuticals, how pharmaceuticals are paid for)

4. Key factors in the Drug Management Cycle, including selection, procurement, distribution and use

5. Key factors influencing access to pharmaceuticals

The recommendations for action should focus on steps for the Ministry of Health and for at least one specific pharmaceuticals control agency in the country. Recommendations should focus on options to improve the access to safe, effective, and affordable pharmaceuticals for under-served populations.

The project should be submitted as a consultant's report, and be 15-20 pages of text (12 point font, double spaced), plus executive summary, table of contents, tables and graphs, annexes and references.