Course: Pharmaceuticals Management for Underserved Populations

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Lecture Materials

The instructors of this course have selected six of fourteen lectures for presentation through JHSPH OCW. The course as presented here does not contain the full content of the course as taught on site at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The content inclusion decisions made by JHSPH faculty and instructors reflect many considerations, including content preparation, software compatibility, and intellectual property and copyright restrictions.

» Lecture 1: The Global Context of Pharmaceutical Products and Underserved Populations (582 KB)

» Lecture 2: International Policy and Legal Framework

» Lecture 3: Drug Manufacture, Industrial Pharmacy Considerations, Quality Assurance and Regulation (853 KB)

» Lecture 4: The Drug Management Cycle: Selection (1.35 MB)

» Lecture 5: Forecasting and Quantification (25.4 KB)

» Lecture 6: The Drug Management Cycle: Procurement (206 KB)

» Lecture 7: Drug Donations

» Lecture 8: The Drug Management Cycle: Distribution

» Lecture 9: The Drug Management Cycle: Use

» Lecture 10: Budgeting and Cost Control

» Lecture 11: Access to Essential Drugs (577 KB)

» Lecture 12: Management Support Systems: Planning Cycle

» Lecture 13: Pharmaceutical Care and Drug Utilization in an HIV/AIDS Clinic

» Lecture 14: Financing and Sustainability