Course: Principles of Population Change

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Session Topic Readings
Module 1: Introduction and Population Growth
1 Introduction
2 Population Growth U.S. Census Bureau. 2004. "Global Population Growth." Pp. 9-30 in: Global Population Profile: 2002. Washington D.C. United States Government Printing Office.
Module 2: Mortality
3 Mortality Horiuchi, Shiro. 1999. "Epidemiological transitions in human history." Pp. 54-71 in Health
and Mortality: Issues of Global Concern. New York: United Nations.
Module 3: Fertility
4 A Conceptual Framework for Studying Human Fertility

Bongaarts, John. 1982. "The Fertility-Inhibiting Effects of the Intermediate Fertility Variables." Studies in Family Planning 13(6/7):179-189.

Johnston, Heidi Bart and Kenneth H. Hill. 1996. "Induced Abortion in the Developing World: Indirect Estimation." International Family Planning Perspectives 22(3):108-114.

5 Theories of Fertility Decline Hirschman, Charles. 1994. "Why Fertility Changes?" Annual Review of Sociology 20:203-233.
6 Very Low Fertility Morgan, S. Philip. 2003. "Is Low Fertility a Twenty-First Century Demographic Crisis?" Demography 40(4):589-603.
Module 4: Population Distribution and Health Disparities
7 Migration Massey, Douglas L. 1995. "New Immigration and Ethnicity in the U.S." Population and Development Review 63(3):631-652.
8 Urban Demography

Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores, Kimberly A. Lochner, Theresa L. Osypuk and S.V. Subramanian. 2003. "Future Directions in Residential Segregation and Health Research: A Multi-level Approach. American Journal of Public Health 93(2):215-221.

Montgomery, Mark R., Richard Stren, Barney Cohen and Holly E. Reed. 2003. "Why Location Matters." Pp. 29-75 (Chapter 2) in Cities Transformed: Demographic Change and Its Implications in the Developing World. Washington D.C. National Academy Press.

Module 5: Family Demography
9 Family Demography

Cherlin, Andrew J. 2005. "American Marriage in the Early 21st Century." The Future of Children 15(2):33-55.

Lloyd, Cynthia. 2005. "The Transition to Marriage." Pp. 416-505 (Chapter 7) in Growing Up Global. Washington D.C. National Academy Press.

Module 6: Population Aging
10 Causes and Consequences of Population Aging Hayward Mark D. and Zhenmei. Zhang. 2001."Demography of aging: a century of global change, 1950-2050." Pp. 69-85 in RH Binstock and LK George (eds.) Handbook of Aging
and the Social Sciences. New York: Academic Press.