Course: Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health

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» Composition and Workshopping of Trial Narrative

Describe an experience or place that you feel has had a profound impact on your quality of life, either positively or negatively. The definition of "experience" is quite broad, but it cannot for this exercise include any injury or illness that you have had. As you write, be aware of trying to use as many words as possible that describe your own emotions and feelings.

Narrative writing instructions.

Narrative evaluation criteria.

Examples of narratives:

•  Patel S. Smoker's plight. The Stew, Spring 2006, 31-32.

•  Shihab HM. Abraham's story. Johns Hopkins Public Health. Special issue 2006, 47.

» Composition and Workshopping of Narrative 1

General subject area: Culture

Narrative s tyle: Personal/Healing

» Composition and Workshopping of Narrative 2

General subject area: Race/ethnicity or poverty

Narrative style: Policy Piece

» Composition and Workshopping of Narrative 3

General subject area: Family

Narrative style: Public Press/Opinion

» Composition and Workshopping of Narrative 4

General subject area: Behavior Change at Individual or Organizational Level

Narrative style: Ethnography