Course: Using Summary Measures of Population Health to Improve Health Systems

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Topic Activities
Course Introduction (Hyder, Morrow) BBS Assignment: Students introduce themselves on course bulletin board system (BBS)

Types of Summary Measures (Hyder) Lecture 1
Background and Development of SMPH (Morrow) Lecture 2
Calculating the HeaLY, Part 1 Lecture 3

LiveTalk 1

Disability and Morbidity (Hyder) Lecture 4

Quiz 1

Social and Ethical Value Choices (Hyder, Morrow) Lecture 5

HeaLY Assignment 1

Equity in Health (Morrow) Lecture 6

LiveTalk 2

Quiz 2

National Burden of Disease (NBD) Assessment: Guidelines and Issues (Hyder) Lecture 7
Calculating the HeaLY, Part 2 (Puvanachandra) Lecture 8

HeaLY Assignment 2

Measuring the Burden of Risk Factors (Hyder) Lecture 9

LiveTalk 3

Use of SMPH for Resource Allocation: Setting the Stage (Hyder, Morrow) Lecture 10

Quiz 3

Priority Setting in Health Research: Rationale, Methods, and Global Investments (Hyder) Lecture 11
Comparison: HeaLYs vs. DALYs, and DALYs vs. QALYs (Morrow) Lecture 12

LiveTalk 4

Assessing Health System Performance (Morrow) Lecture 13

Quiz 4

Applications of Summary Measures: Case Studies (Puvanachandra) Lecture 14

Article Critique Assignment Due

LiveTalk 5